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1. Do you know today's fair market value?

A professional usually has seen enough to know the value and what they don't know they either learn by researching or by asking one of their many experts.

2. Are you physically strong enough ? Are you ready to move heavy dusty boxes? moving and rearranging furniture. Still want to handle that?

It is physically stressful to hold an estate sale yourself. The setup the pricing the staffing are all difficult even for a professional. When you add it to the fact that what you are selling may have an emotional impact on you the stress is tripled.

3. Do you really want to see strangers going through your mothers underwear?

Or your grandfathers beloved collection of magazines?

We don't mind we have seen it all.

4. Do you feel comfortable selling what you may think is junk?

Lots of people who have estate sales think they should clear out the "junk"

what people don't realize is that the people who frequent estate sales often want the other stuff left over shampoo, half used cleaning supplies, non matching dishes.

5. Can you deal with all the hagglers? By haggling I mean they want to pay you $2 for a $20 quilt because its for their neighbors one eyed 3 legged dog? Most people can handle this kind of haggling but it takes a fair degree of fortitude to handle it for six hours a day for 3 straight days.

6.Estate sales are long and hard work do you really not have something better to do?

You have enough to deal with. Doesn't it make sense to let All about you liquidation do all the work the preparation the set up, staging,organizing and pricing . It's what we do.

7.People don't just hold random estate sales. There is almost always a specific purpose why ones estate needs to be liquidated. So if we are assuming that's the kind of situation you are in it's probably also safe to assume you have enough on your plate. The point is you really don't need more stress to deal with in a moment of your life where things are pretty hectic. Hire All about you liquidation we love what we do ,we are great at it. Our goal is to make things easy for you. So let us take it from here.

How it works

Call us today to arrange your free consultation and let us create an easy, pain free estate sale for you.

To begin the process

After the walk through evaluation and contract signing.

Our job is to organize and stage the premises. once the staging is completed we photograph items.

We will then begin advertising the dates on our website ,Estate Sales.Org, Social media, and local newspaper.

Once the sale is completed you as rightful owner of the contents, have the option to:

1) Keep remaining items or handle the phase on your own.

2) Choose additional services that include: Haul off junk items, donate remaining items to charity of your choice, or conduct a complete cleanup of the residence.

these services are not included in the commission of our sale,but are an additional charge.

Below is a list of three most common mistakes made when cleaning out an estate.

1. The NUMBER ONE most costly

throwing things away.

2. The NUMBER TWO giving things away

to friends,neighbors,and strangers.

3. The NUMBER THREE having a garage sale and selling items to cheap.

Let your "trash" be someone else's treasure,

beauty is in the eye of the beholder

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